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Four Artists

ronnie white

arthur keigney

crystal stimpson

george dyson


George Dyson

b. 1957, New Haven, Ct.

“When I draw, I’m somewhere else - a different galaxy.
I become my art.”

Dyson’s family moved from place to place many times as he was growing up. His dad drove trucks and, although they were not well-to-do, Dyson remembers always having the things they wanted. He loved bicycles and when he was twelve, he bought his first mini-motorcycle - a momentous event that shaped his identity as a proud biker. (It cost him 30.00 - money he earned from working weekends with his Dad.) He got his first tattoo at fourteen. “I belong to an outlaw motorcycle club on the street. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. I was railroaded through the system on bogus charges for which I received twenty-nine years.”

George Dyson Black Heart pen and ink on handkerchief

“I’ve drawn forever it seems, it runs in my family. My junior high art teacher did tattoos and I guess my style caught his attention and he helpd me get into fantasy art.“ Dyson defines himself as a biker/tattooist and says he loves medieval times so he likes to mix biker designs with dragons, gargoyles, vikings, knights, sorcerers and witchcraft.

George Dyson N.Y.C. ” pen and ink

Envelope art by George Dyson

Revelations, Community Partners in Action, Hartford, CT
Hands of Time:, Thorne’s Market Gallery, Northampton, Ma.
Hands of Time: American Prison Art, Phyllis Kind Gallery, NY NY. April,
Artists in Prison, Recent Works, Phyllis Kind Gallery, NY NY. April,
Cellblock Visions, Art from the Inside, Mass. College of Art, Boston, Ma.
Cellblock Visions, Cell Division, Wheeler Gallery, Univ of Mass, Amherst, MA
Cellblock Visions: 2000, Judicial Process Commission, Binghamton, NY

ronnie white l arthur keigney l crystal stimpson l george dyson

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Cell Block Visions: Prison Art in America
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