Cellblock Visions - prison art in america
prison art in america - Phyllis Kornfield






Exhibition Details

Exhibition Contents:

  • Approx 50 works - painting, drawing, objects

Support Materials:

  • Wall text and identification labels
  • Curator essay by Phyllis Kornfeld
  • Curator gallery talk

Gallery Costs:

  • Curator fee
  • Shipping expenses: The exhibitor is responsible for payment as agreed upon
  • Insurance
  • Additional expenses; Local costs (i.e. gallery attendants, installers, equipment rental, office services and supplies, promotion and printing)


  • Limited access gallery
  • Responsible supervision
  • Exhibition locked after hours
  • Secure vitrines
  • Temperature control
  • Fine Art, van line, or common carrier shipping

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For booking information please contact phylkorn10@gmail.com


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Cell Block Visions: Prison Art in America
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